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Conference Overview

Holodecks use advanced technology to create highly realistic and immersive simulated environments. The first International Conference on Holodecks, hosted by the University of Southern California, on December 15th will bring together approximately 50-100 experts from academia and industry, as well as students, to exchange ideas and form collaborations to expedite the development of holodecks.

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsors use the Holodecks conference to build brand presence in the emerging holodeck space and meet and hire the leading system architects, practitioners, and scientists of our generation.

Sponsorship Tiers

Silver - $2,000

● 2 Complimentary conference registrations.
● Linked company logo on the conference site.
● Company logo on the printed program.

Gold - $5,000

● All Silver benefits.
● Company logo on the main conference screen during all breaks.
● Option for company table in event foyer.

Platinum - $10,000

● All Gold benefits.
● Company logo on vertical banners.
● A Boardroom for private discussions and interviewing talent, e.g., students for summer internship.

Contact General Conference Chair,, for details.

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