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Modern Vision -

Designing the Digital Future

Emerging immersive reality and interactive technology are realizing the vision of a holodeck. Holodecks will transform the future of human communication and perception, and how we interact with information and data. The International Conference on Holodecks is a forum for researchers, practitioners, vendors, application developers, and users of immersive and interactive technology for a realistic 2D and 3D simulation of a real or imaginary setting. Its objective is to enable its participants to exchange ideas and form collaborations to expedite the development of holodecks. We seek to develop a community that revolutionizes how we work, learn, play and entertain, receive medical care, and socialize. 

The conference will be held at:

University of Southern California

Thomas Lord Department of Computer Science
Salvatori Computer Science Center (SAL)
941 Bloom Walk
Los Angeles, CA 90089


We invite submission of original research papers with impactful ideas that enable a holodeck. 

Submission Cycle

Important Dates

Holodecks will have a rolling submission deadline, starting 1st day of each month.  Authors will be notified of a decision by the end of the month.  The 1-day conference held December of each year will include all the papers submitted by November 1st of that year.  Papers submitted on December 1st will be considered for the subsequent year.  See Important Dates for details.


Become Involved

Holodecks is an emerging discipline.  Contact Professor Shahram Ghandeharizadeh ( and become involved.

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