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Orestis Georgiou

Ultraleap Ltd

Ultrasound Mid-Air Haptics for Touchless Interfaces


This talk is about mid-air haptics, as generated by ultrasound phased arrays, and the novel human-computer interaction (HCI) paradigms it enables, including, automotive, VR, and digital signage. Yet, there are many unexplored and unanswered questions, many of which are spread across geographic silos of academic pockets and a plethora of publications. Mid-air haptics is also hugely multidisciplinary, spanning the fields of engineering, computer science, design, neuroscience, and psychology. In this talk, I will attempt to tell the story of mid-air haptics and cover some of its foundations and challenges.


Dr Orestis Georgiou is an author of 6 patents, 1 book, and 100+ academic papers that have been published in leading journals and conferences of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering and Medicine. He has also been co-awarded R&D grants in excess of €10 million, including a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, and is the recipient of the prestigious 2019 IEEE Heinrich Hertz award. Finally, as Head of R&D Partnerships at Ultraleap, he is passionate about haptic technologies, networks, and spatial XR computing and oversees all our external R&D collaboration activities and grant-funded projects.

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